Program Description

QC NOYCE TEAMS is a new program at Queens College, designed for undergraduates, students who are pursuing a science major, and graduate students who already possess a science degree. Candidates who are selected for the program are expected to be committed to teaching in high-needs urban schools where they can make a difference in students’ lives. 

The QC NOYCE TEAMS Program advances the progress of science by supporting science educators in two program tracks. Track I is designed for undergraduate students to receive scholarships for two years as they complete requirements for their dual science and education majors. Track II is designed for candidates who are STEM professionals seeking initial teacher certification in one of the four science disciplines. The significant component of the program is a year-long clinically-rich induction and mentoring component that integrates learning experiences in community-based informal science learning centers with preparation in high-need partner schools.  The importance of this training is both to identify links between students’ spontaneous science concepts and formal concepts in the science curriculum and to cultivate an environment of scientific inquiry that, in turn, benefits society

Undergraduate students will be selected for the program in their sophomore/junior year and will receive tuition for their junior and senior years while completing teacher certification in secondary science 7-12. 
Graduate students will receive tuition for courses leading to initial certification in secondary science 7-12.  
Our program differs from other science teacher education programs in that:
    • It is clinically rich with extensive time spent in classrooms
    • Pedagogical content, science content, and research in teaching are integrated throughout the curriculum
    • Attention is given to the culture and special needs of students
    • Tuition is available for all students admitted to the program who are eligible for employment in high-needs public and private schools in the United States
Whether you are an undergraduate science major considering teaching as a career path, a recent college graduate with a science major, or a professional seeking a career change who possesses a science degree, you are invited to apply to the program.
Queens College offers secondary science certification in:
    • Biology
    • Geology (Earth Science)
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
Follow this link for more information about certification through Queens College: Certification Areas
    • Black Rock Forest 
    • New York Hall of Science
    • New York Public Secondary Schools


    • National Science Foundation